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The technology includes the total or partial supply of a wide range of components: from panels for cold rooms for walls and ceilings, with relative joints, to fixing elements.

The modular sandwich panels are composed of metal coatings and an internal core in expanded polyurethane resins.


The modular elements are divided into two categories: panels with injected joint, for realizations up to very low temperatures cold stores, and panels with dry interlocking joint, used with zero degrees and / or positive temperatures.


Each type of panel is combined with the respective connection joint. The excellent coupling of the panel supports with the polyurethane foam gives the element excellent mechanical resistance, which allows it to be used in full or partial self-supporting capacity.


PUR (polyurethane) INSULATING FOAM:

Polyurethane panels are the basis for the development of modern light prefabrication. Continuous systems are mainly used for the production of these panels.

PIR (polyisocyanurate) INSULATING FOAM:

PIR (polyisocyanurate) is one of the best performing insulating materials used today for the construction of cold stores. This product is the improvement of PUR (polyurethane). During its production, PIR foam does not emit gases that are harmful to the environment or even during its life cycle. Large-scale PIR cuts down carbon dioxide emissions, therefore, it has no negative impact on global warming. This product greatly contributes to the saving of fossil fuels.


- COLAMINATES: these are specific products for the construction of cold rooms, having characteristic of resisting very well to aggressive and humid environments, high resistance to scratches and contact to chemical products for cleaning and sanitation (Estetic® Clean by Arcelor).

- STAINLESS STEEL: stainless steels are alloys based on iron and carbon which combine the mechanical properties typical of carbon steels with peculiar characteristics of resistance to corrosion.

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