Compartmentation REI - EI

Compartmentation REI - EI

Mineral wool panels


The REI compartments of the building structures (slabs, vertical partitions, walls partitions and doors), are "construction elements with fire resistance characteristics" and are installed and used to contain the spread of fire (delay its diffusion) in a limited area, providing the people present to have the possibility to reach safe places or open-air areas without danger.

The REI compartments are passive fire protection elements. The REI subdivision has a scale of values certified by accredited laboratories, which verify the materials according to the ability to pass through fire / smoke for a certain time - expressed in minutes - considered in the number written after the wording REI example 30, 60, 90, 120 or 180. The compartments of building structures include horizontal partitions (floors), vertical partitions (partitions) and doors. The mineral wool panels for REI partitioning proposed by Sitav are certified up to R.E.I. and E.I. 120, the particularity of these panels - very performing in terms of passive protection against fire - is that they are produced with continuous technology and with fibers perpendicular to the metal support, a technical solution that improves the mechanical characteristics of the panel.


The ECOLINE is the ideal solution for buildings with high demands on sustainability, fire resistance and energy efficiency.

ECOLINE (in the non-standard version) class REI, ensure: Mechanical resistance under the action of fire, airtightness or smoke tightness, and insulation in the transmission of heat. The panels are a valid answer based on the attention to the problem combined with a legal certificate, to demonstrate compliance with the international standards.

In all versions, ECOLINE offers remarkable soundproofing performances, thanks, above all, to the masses of the steel and the high density of the insulation, modeled and positioned according to the prescriptions of the exclusive patent.

Fibermet 50 EI30 A2-s1,d0
Fibermet 80 EI90 / EI60 A2-s1,d0
Fibermet 100 EI180 / EI120 A2-s1,d0
Fibermet G 100 EI45-E60 A2-s1,d0
Fiberstar 80 EI60 A2-s1,d0
Fiberstar 100 EI90-E120 A2-s1,d0
Lithos 50 REI30 A2-s1,d0
Lithos 80 REI60 A2-s1,d0
Lithos 100 REI120 A2-s1,d0
Lithos (Micro perforated) 150 REI120 -


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